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when you put a link on a website and point it towards one of your real estate websites, thats good.  It helps build the backlinks to your website.  However, every single page on the internet has whats called a google Pagerank.  The higher the pagerank the better.  You get good pagerank by having ...
When looking at all of the Phoenix homes you want to be sure to have the best realtor on your side.  there is not a better real estate company in phoenix than that of USA Realty.  It is a relatively new company that works largely off of the internet and with people.  We do not have a big overhead...
Dallas real estate as we know is growing up to be a very upscale and large city. The construction projects and new structures that are going up are amazing. Even First Baptist Dallas, a local mega church, is due for a $160 million facelift. Because of all of this hustle and bustle many people are...
mckinney homes is a great place to look when searching to buy a new home for yourself.  Mckinney is an area that is riddled with exceptional home sthat have amazing curb appeal and inside amentities.  These homes are still faily cheap when you compare them to what it would cost you in the north d...
So i have successfully blogged 300 times about Dallas homes for sale and the surrounding areas!  Yeah for me!  I will probably be toning down my blogging alittle bit from now on, but not to worry, i will keep coming back to activerain writing more things! Congratulate me!
So ive been looking into different real estate markets on google.  Checking to see what the SEO market is for certain keywords.  For example: the keywords "Dallas homes for sale" and "Phoenix homes for sale".  Both of these keywords according to google keyword tool get 12,100 exact monthly search...
North dallas real estate is a beatiful area that involves a lot of great real estate.  The areas of interest for most people are that of frisco homes for sale, plano homes for sale, and mckinney homes for sale.  These are some of the hottest north dallas real estate areas.  Even though Dallas hom...
Is anyone familiar or completed a transaction with the fannie mae homepath 3.5% closing cost incentive?  Im interested to know if I should include the 3.5% on the trec contract itself or if it is something done seperately be the loan officer?  The incentive ends on May 1st, and i have a closing o...
Frisco homes are some of the nicest homes in the area these homes are great and everyone is looking to move into a great frisco homes for sale.  These homes will start out at the $200k price tag, and go as high as over the $2 million dollar price tag, if you are thinking about going to frisco to ...
Im just curious how many domain names the average real estate agent owns...  I counted today, i own 37.  Reply with how many domain names you own and use for your real estate business.    I own domain names such as   dallas homes for sale denton homes for sale frisco homes for sale mckinney homes...

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