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Real estate related challenges, opportunities and success stories as they relate to Ocean County, NJ, with an emphasis on the Toms River Market. "Championeers" of Web 2.0 and the "Next Level" of professionalism in real estate!
"Shore to Please!" Overview Maps Photos Features Description Neighborhood Market Stats $224,500 Single Family Home Main Features 3 Bedrooms1 Bathroom Location 228 Franklin AveSeaside Heights, NJ 08751USA To get updates on open home dates and other property events, please click the "Like" button ...
Will the Groundhog see it's "Shadow Inventory" in Ocean County? Will Home-Sellers in Ocean County, NJ, SEE the benefits of an early Spring by listing and pricing their homes to sell? Or will they SEE their "Shadow Inventory" come to market and suffer 6 more MONTHS of Wintry Price Declines?Februar...
One of these homes is NOT like the others... What do 5 out of 6 of these homes have in common? Yes, they are ALL in New Jersey! Yes, they are ALL on "The Shore" (Bayhead/Mantoloking Area)! Yes, they are ALL over $1,000,000 (4 of them are over $2,000,000)! Give up? ONLY 1 was SHOVELED OUT this pas...
An Open Letter Concerning "Short Sales" to Prospective Home-Buyers & Real Estate Agents... Dear Prospective Home-Buyers;If you are in the market for a new home and may be considering a "Short Sale" in Ocean County, NJ, please take the 3 and a half minutes to watch this video first. Then, share it...
What does the "Shadow Inventory" mean for Home-Buyers in Toms River, NJ? We received this great comment on our last post, What is this "Shadow Inventory" and how will it affect the real estate market in Toms River, NJ, from Jeff Coon, of Freedom Mortgage: For buyers, this does not mean you shoul...
What is this "Shadow Inventory" and how will it affect the real estate market in Toms River, NJ? We keep hearing the term, "shadow inventory" thrown around the real estate room these days. Exactly what is it and how will it affect me in Toms River, NJ?Shadow Inventory refers to the "as of yet" un...
What will happen in the Housing Market in Ocean County, NJ, in 2011? Before we can guess-timate at what may happen in the housing market in Ocean County, NJ, in 2011, we must take a look back and recognize exactly what occurred in real estate in 2010. Here's a short video summarizing the signific...
We just wanted to take a few moments to wish all of our friends, family and customers a very Happy Thanksgiving!  Thank you for all of your business, support and love. Please CLICK HERE to watch our VIDEO; The History of Thanksgiving (Part Deux)!
Did YOU Know "They" Want to Take Your Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction Away? As a Home-Owner, or Prospective Home-Owner, in Ocean County, NJ, did you know that the Obama Administration's National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform has proposed limiting the mortgage interest rate deduct...
The Compelling Argument to List Your Home Today in Toms River, NJ We have all heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) but never has it been more prevalent than in real estate. Just how does(SAD)relate to listing your home for sale in Toms River, NJ?Typically, this time of year (Nov & Dec), we ...

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As the "First" COLDWELL BANKER Office in Ocean County, NJ, we pride ourselves on being "Pioneers" in our local market. The new frontier of Web 2.0 offers exciting opportunities and unique challenges. We welcome the discussions, debates and success stories on our journey to become "Champions" of the "next level" of real estate!