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Another new testimony. We have these coming in every day. Our client received great results and has obtained his goal of homeownership! Our credit professionals will work with you from beginning to end to help you achieve your financial goals.  
Our client received great results in a little over 60 days with a 267 total point increase. Your credit score is used as a risk factor by lenders and banking institutions. This can make the difference in getting favorable terms, or even getting approved for the loans or credit you need. This clie...
Im sure you’ve heard old cliché: if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. This is no exception. Of course there is mis-information out there also, so let's get the facts straight.   (blog reposted from Nov 2014) First of all any advice from the credit bureaus is false, unless it is legal ...
  Why wait any longer our tradelines and credit cards will give you the credit score boost you need!   Boost you credit score now in about 30 days          3 Things that will help you boost your credit score   1) Add Credit   Using one of our tradelines or credit cards   http://www.boostyourcredi...
We had a great question today from a Bank Lender and we wanted to share the answer with you. The first question was can the customer pay for the boost after the boost?  Yes  depending on the product type (see step 3)  The second question was how much does this cost? The cost is tailored to each i...
    We have now graduated over 10,000 clients in our programs.  Our Extreme Credit Makeover Program has 12 steps.  This is the first of it's kind in the finanical world.  It combines basic credit score help to advance credit help. We have some of the most powerful training in the USA.  This prog...
HERE IS HOW WE ARE BETTER   1) We have a FDIC Bank not a finance company 2) Offered in alll 50 states 3) Major unsecured account reporting to all 3 bureaus 4) Affordable price for the value you receive 5) Our customes are able to qualify for a new home loan, auto loan, or achive their goal 6) Sav...
I thought about writing this at the first of the new year, but then I thought about how busy we are, sometimes we don't even take time to think about some new years resolutions.  So I figure why not start talking about this early.     I know the holidays are here and it is easy to spend extra usi...
Today there is so much more talk in the financial business about God and faith.  So I wanted to ask the readers this question.   I think there are several areas we can talk about.  I don't think I am a preacher, so not much preaching here, just some evaluations.    First, I think when it comes to...
America is awake about rights and justice and this is a great thing happening.  Unfortunately in the credit business sometimes your rights and justice are abused.  But, the Federal Goverenment has done an average job in protecting some of your rights when it comes to credit. There are hundreds of...

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