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When potential buyers are shopping for a home, they are searching for something that "feels right" within each room they enter.  We know that every buyer is different in the type of house they are searching for, but one thing remains the same, everyone hopes to become engaged in a positive, enjoy...
Did you ever have that client who has saved almost every item they ever purchased?  We all have experienced this in some form or another.  I had a client whose parents passed away, so they became responsible for getting the house in shape to get on the market to sell quickly.  As you can probably...
As of late, I've been running into altercations with real estate agents who have a conflict with having a home staging sign posted in the yard along with their for sale sign.  What is interesting is that they all have varied reasons why they don't want the sign out front....and in all honesty, th...
For the last few years I've been enjoying the business of Home Staging, Redesign, and Home & Office Organizing.  I will admit that this business hasn't come without its small and large hurtles.  But no matter what size of hurtles I've encountered; I seem to get over them by using my creativity an...
I was looking at some sites and came across one today that really bothered me.  About 16 months ago someone by the name of Rusty Phillips submitted an article on Hubpages entitled, "Home Staging Changed My Life".  She/he says that you don't need any certification or training to become a Home Stag...
A continuation of the personalities of color... Yellow Throughout history gold stood for generosity, nobility, divinity, and wisdom.  The English word for yellow stems from the meaning "to gleam".  Could the name come from minerals, flowers, vegetables, or fruits?  In many cultures yellow or gold...
Can anyone tell me how I can go about getting my website up in google's ranking on the google page? I have two competitors whose name shows up under and I would like to find out how to get my name added.  Can anyone help me with this? Cathy
April 18, 2009 Roanoke is hosting another Earth Day that is going on today until 8:00 pm!  If you live in Roanoke Virginia and are near Grandin Road, please take advantage of food, music, and many booths and talk to others who are interested in preserving our planet NOW. 
My new site is now up and running.  Please take a look and let me know what you think.  I have never put together an entire site before and after three months of revisions and frustrations I think I have got most of what I need.....with room to grow.....and there is still much to do to complete i...
When I was doing some research today I came upon an awesome site to share with people. A young lady named Cameron Chapman put together a list of 100 plus green sites to share with the world. She's done a remarkable job, so you might like to bookmark this page for future reference. I hope it is as...

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