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My Grandfather, Rev. Chauncey J. Pobanz, had thoughts that are still applicable in today's world. I found today's post in his notebook: "Poems & Sayings", this one with author unknown. "A Co-Operator's Garden" First, plant five rows of "p's"... Presence Promptness Preparation Perseverance Purity ...
Look upward: Set thine eyes upon the heights And striving ever towards the distant goal, Faint not, but have the faith supreme to know A glorious destiny awaits thy soul. Margaret Boswell From the notes of Chauncey J. Pobanz, "Poems and Sayings" There is a huge shift in the air.  I have felt it i...
Carol Cannon's June, 2010 Sacred Sustainable Design Living  newsletter is packed with information!  Do you need a Feng Shui 'Tune Up"?   Gain an extra bonus 1/2 hour of consulting time for each hour of my time throughout June - details in the coupon at the bottom of the newsletter.Are you lookin...
                                    Feng Shui gardening considers the garden itself as a separate space.  It begins with the location of its formal entry.   Through a rounded archway/ trellis - ideally made of wood you could have a beautiful entry way  Another idea is to have a pair of pine trees...
The past week was a challenging one for my family.  My nearly 85 year old Mother was taken to the hospital by ambulence one week ago, at midnight.  A call at midnight from my Father is never a good sign - for he is in bed by 8-9pm every night.  Even worse, when it is a medical emergency, I am not...
Homestager Michelle King offers some great ideas for staging your bedroom - all, in my humble opinion, supported by Feng Shui principals.  Thanks, Michelle!  Bed placement is critical to how future home buyers perceive a home. As much as possible bedding should be rich, comfortable, clean and eve...
Imagine attending a seminar while "floating" in Hawaiian hot ponds. Dr. Susan Gregg ( ), author of The Toltec Way and Dance of Power will share her knowledge about Ancient Toltec wisdom in this very way at the Women's Wellness Retreat in Hawaii July 19-28, 2010.! Dr. Gre...
Happy Earth Day!  Today is the day that we celebrate Mother Earth.  However, I hope that you celebrate and enjoy her every day!  As a Bau (Building) Biologist, I look at how buildings affect humans, and, the planet.  Following are some of my favorite tips to create a healthy living environment.  ...
This summer I will be participating in a 9 day retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii.  We will be exploring ideas for healthy living, Feng Shui as it applies to our homes, learning how to engage in community with others, receiving massages, various healing seminars, snorkeling, touring, and more.  ...
Did you know that there are 3 main areas that affect a typical home occupant's health?  The 3 areas include: 1) Air, 2) Water & 3) Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR).  The materials used to build your home, improve your home, and create the furniture you use all have an impact - negative - on your a...

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