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Feature This... STAGING TIP No. 26,731 - SMART ART!  Making a color statement for the walls doesn't have to include a trip to the art gallery or getting out any ratty t-shirts and paint whatsoever. Making your own art is fun, and with regard to staging, abstracts are IN and they don't require sub...
STAGING TIP, No. 11,570 - "The Crap Trap": Kitchens, especially when they open up to a garage or carport, seem to be a common catch-all zone for keys, mail, receipts, medications, and even entire stacks of phone books. When suggesting to our clientele for this area be cleared of life's debris, we...
STANLEY THE STAGER WAS HERE! It was so exciting for the "Feature This..." Real Estate Staging Team to finally get to meet Stanley this December 2008. He actually slept under our roof, and we had to pinch ourselves to make sure we weren't dreaming. He is just as handsome in person as he is on film...
Please take a moment to give me your honest opinion. I need it badly, as my partner (who is also my mother) and I have come to an impasse on a color decision for my own house. It's been going on for two years, and it's high time we got this room over with. It started when picked out some wallpape...
I was so excited to mail them off to all the stagers  who I have been able to work with and get to know thru Active Rain!  Then, it occurs to me... I don't have hardly ANY of ya'lls mailing addresses. Ok,I thought, I will just email them and ask! But as my list grew  OVER FIFTY, I decided to do t...
Stagers. The very term alludes to a performance designed to dazzle. Bewitching buyers, suckering sellers, a real estate ruse. Illusion. Hocus Pocus.  Deception. Fantasy. Magic. Mirage. Greedy shysters perform, utilize, and promote "staging." From the staging associations, to the schools, all the ...
One of our absolute favorite tips at Feature This... for creating mega-bang for mini-bucks is to use our tongues everywhere we can...   Also known as Sansevieria ‘Laurentii' and, more commonly, Mother-In-Law Tongue, or Snake Plant. It's an amazing plant that is very difficult to kill, because it ...
                                    Are you worried your Real Estate Agent isn't marketing your property properly in this modern era?  You may be right. With the Internet Age upon us, well over 80% of today's property buyers choosing to search on the Internet to find their new homes, and they ar...
  Monday, November 3, 2008 Louisiana Participates in the Stage It Forward Round Table Lafayette - Stagers from all around Louisiana came together for first-ever gathering of Stagers across all affililiations and designations. The group of five women met at Cort Furniture on Johnston Street for a ...
While working on a redesign project, our team fell in love with a lovely chandelier in Veranda Magazine that was $2400. Our budget for the room in question was less than $1000 in it's entirety, so we had to do some of our famous fancy footwork to acheive the look we were going for. We bought this...

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