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    We are just moving right along from one project to the next with an  former client located in Abbeville, Louisiana who is ready to do her guest bath. We did her master bedroom last year. We love doing redesigns in the interest of future ROI!!!   ~Michelle
  Staging. It's everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Agents are using it in their client's best interest more now than ever. Some agents staunchly refuse to even entertain the thought. Broderick Perkins, the award-winning consumer journalist of www.deadlinenews.com came out firmly against it...
Do you like to see articles about your marketing niche or area of expertise on the Main Page of Active Rain? I know I sure do! It gives us more credibility and a louder voice than we could achieve on our own, but I think it just plain old boosts my spirits. Those articles don't get to that main p...
This is a re-blogged post from a fellow stager Maureen Bray, and it's such a sad, yet typical story in our line of business...Dear Mr. Seller, You contacted my company 3 months ago and requested a staging proposal for your home.  It's in a premier Portland neighborhood and you said you knew it ne...
I know you guys get sick of hearing it, but I have to say it, because it bears repeating. In an economy where no one is biting because there is no sense of urgency in the market, you have to create it inside the home. Price is dictated largely by the comps. Location isn't negotiable. Therefore, c...
 Aries : You are superior to none when it comes to making appointments, blogging, chatting with agents, and getting that foot in the door. You are a natural promoter, and have no problems passing out your cards like you ordered a million of them. You give off an excellent first impression, but so...
Because you are SMART, that's why! Here's 10 great reasons to start thinking about your Curb Appeal now, and what you can do to save hundreds, even thousands of dollars on your Spring project today!   1. Contractors, Craftsmen, Landscapers, and Laborers all feel the holiday pinch this time of yea...
Earlier this year, our finishing carpenter, Paul, dedicated a lot of time, largely unpaid, for a project for a family member of ours who was "displaced" by Hurricane Ike. To help repay our debt to him for his tireless efforts, we re-designed a guest bedroom in his house in Cow Island, Louisiana. ...
This week has been a major turning point for my staging company and for all Home Stagers and Real Estate Agents in Louisiana. I have come back from my CSP Elite Training Course taught by the incomparable Melissa Marro and I am now a CSP Elite Instructor. Melissa Marro & Michelle Molinari   Big Wh...
So we had this dilemma... A guest bathroom -2 feet wide and 71/2 feet long. Mauve wallpaper with tiny cream flowers, and a country blue Formica counter top, and a really cheap-looking vanity with blue round porcelain knobs on the cupboards. And a cracked porcelain toilet tank lid (you just can't ...

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