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We've all heard it by now that 81% of buyers today are looking for a move-in ready home. Professional Real Estate Stagers are a fabulous resource for getting a home move-in ready. BUT - Reality is, sometimes there is just not enough budget to go around, and the seller opts for offering allowances...
So what kind of memories do you hold dear for the holidays?     Was it a solemnly lit Menorah and a spinning dreidel? Opening the little doors on the Advent Tree? Watching the magic of a wooden Swedish candle carousel turning? Making mekakas for Kwanzaa? Whatever your tradition was, do you carry ...
You guys all know what I am talking about. It gets slow, and you get that itch that drives you to madness... You must find someplace, any place to stage before you go insane. Well, we hit it for the first time this year - a two week dry spell. So, we trekked out to my stepdad's 18 wheeler Freight...
There you are: Pitching yourself as only you can...   and the potential clients are hitting you with a volley of questions. You are not just holding your own - you are darned near poetry in motion! The answers to every question rolls off your tongue with complete confidence. You are feeling the l...
We see it everywhere. And it's scary. The Themed Kitchen.   Whenever we are in them, our senses are assaulted by wine bottle-carrying obese chefs, roosters of every possible size and description, hand-painted palm trees swaying the breeze on every plate and cup, swags of ceramic chili peppers aro...
Do you stand around staring at the rooms in your house wondering what the heck to do to give it a fresh new look?       Where do you start?   How will decide what to change?   What if you spend all that money and it just doesn't come together?   Don't you wish someone would just tell you  where y...
If you have been staging for any length of time, you may have come across a home that requires your services that may be "occupied," and I am not talking about the present owners or renters. It has happened to us, and I've heard from other stagers that it has happened to them. It doesn't matter i...
If you are not 100% sure on how to mount a comprehensive attack to maximize curb appeal, we have mastered the art of delivering the Curb Appeal Strategy Package for every type of house, in every price range, in the US and Canada. Our package covers the exact colors to consider, landscaping eleme...
Since joining Active Rain over a year ago, I have had my first article on Ranch House Curb Appeal read 12,891 times, and many thousands of those readers followed that article to my website.That is one of DOZENS and DOZENS of blogs I have authored, all working for me while I am working on other th...
Staging is an excellent tool to use when selling. It's even better when you call in a professional stager a few years ahead of your selling schedule. You'll actually get to enjoy those improvements  now, and reap the benefits later when the time comes.   Improving function and flow isn't just a t...

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