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Everyone's got something they are good at. I am really tragic when it comes to math. I lose my keys 3 times a day. I go to the store for cat food and come back with everything but. I'm a bonafide, genuine ding bat and anyone who knows me knows that is just a straight-up fact. Except, I am practic...
Does anyone remember this post: Our Finest Day Ever As Virtual Stagers Well, if you don't you might want to check it out before reading on to fully experience the intense joy we have at writing this blog! The update is this incredible news that makes my job one of my greatest passions! The young ...
An opportunity arose for my conceptual staging team at the Real Estate Staging Association's First Annual Conference to join Matthew Finlason and his staging friends at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas to share dinner together.   Talk about a neat evening! Matthew is genuine, personable, humble, and...
I checked my email this morning and found this awesome article in a Google Alert about RESA (The Real Estate Staging Association), Shell Broadnax, and it even has a quote from Karen Otto! Good Stuff. http://www.examiner.com/x-11299-Dallas-Home-Design-and-Staging-Examiner~y2010m1d20-Staging-The-ho...
Please allow me introduce to Active Rain another valuable member of my team, my sister, Renee. She persevered through our 6-month rigorous training, and has been creating really great work for us since August 2009... __________  Renee, How did you get your training?   A professional photographer ...
Too funny this morning - Here's a link to an article in our local paper about our staging business. It's a cute article about our family's recent history building a life and business in the heart of Cajun Country. Plus, my ultra-vain, never-poses-for-pictures Grandmother is in the most prominent ...
I would like to introduce you officially to one of our newest Conceptual Staging Designers. She has undergone extensive training and has a large body of work to her credit, and will be at the Real Estate Staging Association's Convention next week in Las Vegas, Nevada!  Barbara Guilliot           ...
  Everyone knows how important it is to create a dynamic exterior in today's online marketing climate. If the house is a wallflower, it will get passed by. Homely houses just don't trip the trigger, and the listing languishes. There are ways to motivate a seller in the right direction, and a pic...
I signed up! Sounds very intriguing.... Our goal is to reach 3000 registered attendees to VirtualReBarcamp.com! The event is free being presented by 28 of the top minds in RE technology and social networking. Currently we have 1500+ registered attendee.  To reach our goal we need your help.  Fort...
We'll be invisible. We won't even step foot in your listing! Our results are replicable, reliable, completely customized, and cost effective. Best of all, they motivate  like no words can, instantly.     We don't talk about what your property or listing needs...we actually show you. And then, we ...

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