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Are you thinking about possibly taking a home staging course? Than you really need to take a couple of minutes to read this blog by the incomparable Home Stager Melissa Marro of First Impressions out of South Carolina...Home Staging Training Company Comes Clean About Designations We know you've s...
  Thank you Michelle Minch for posting this most succinct video demonstration of how to understand today's market and today's buyer's mindset!  I want to kiss this Jay Papasan fellow  for making it plain as day!   Jay Papasan, a VP at Keller Williams Realty, does a brilliant job of explaining why...
  What a kind testimonial blog by Chantal Saucier about her staging experience with my company! She is truly an asset to her profession and to her clientele!   In today's market, with inventory on the up side, buyers have plenty of homes to choose from. One of the ways sellers can make their home...
Join us Wednesday September 15th 2010 for the first course of it's kind EVER on Staging the Exterior of ANY Home!   Curb Appeal is one of the most important factors to consider when marketing a home today to generate interest online and serious buyer traffic. Many would agree that it is even more...
When this Virginia house follows the advice outlined in our signature Curb Appeal Stategy Package, it will definitely turn some heads! Who will the lucky real estate agent be? We assist homeowners to create expert curb appeal within a budget that is comfortable for them with a 10+ page completely...
Yep! That's right! The Holy Grail of Staging Advice.  It's an ecologically-sound a one-sheet wonder that will help you sell your home FASTER than you ever dreamed, and without taking painful price reductions! The good news is that the advice you need is attainable! The bad news is that it doesn't...
Today I met with a couple who had problems.   Their house wasn't selling, and they asked our staging team for advice.   They had medication row in their living room.          1000's eyes of their kids and grand kids staring everyone down from their perches in the living room, into the hallway, an...
It's not a smarmy as it sounds, and it really does work. But first, you need to know that "Making a Pass" in Louisiana doesn't mean the same thing as it does in the rest of the world. When you say you are going to "make a pass" in my necks of the woods, it means you are going to stop by somewhere...
Have you ever seen an 18 inch high bed with headboard and nightstands? How about a 26 inch high recliner? How about 10 inch high table lamps next to a sofa? I have, and it's time to speak up about it. Google "Virtual Staging" and you, too can see a world of furniture for diminutive people. When v...
1.Remove your landscaping! Okay,not really, but dress your flower beds to impress by trimming back all plantings and taking some out to reveal about 30% of the ground. Add extremely dark mulch to those areas any VOILA – instant wow! The dark mulch will make your plants look greener and newer, and...

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