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Here's a great post from one of my SAR Instructor Colleagues who never fails to dazzle me with her honest appraisals and insights regarding the Staging Industry:One of the sticking points I've always had about whether I should take courses of any kind (college level, continuing education, enrichm...
Are you taking the Curb Appeal issues of your clients seriously? We often talk on Active Rain about the importance of Staging, but professional curb appeal advice is just as important.  Exterior Staging is  the true first impression a buyer will receive. Please view the video to determine if you ...
A Decorator and a Stager utilize the same tools of color, lighting, furniture, accessories, and art, to improve a space,  but endeavor to achieve completely different results. I happen to be a decorator. My job is to find my client's hot button and hit it again and again. I work with elements the...
We often encounter homes with design and function issues that can hinder a sale. Our suggestions in the cases of small kitchens, bedrooms, or bathrooms is to turn a minus into a plus, preferably without knocking down walls. We consulted on this bathroom redesign in Forked Island, Louisiana severa...
This is a super blog from professional stager Maureen Bray outling, with befire and after pictures, why a full-time professional stager is the right choice to make for sellers rather than a Real Estate agwnt, who should be marketing your home instead of trying to stage it. The comments from the a...
Staging Training has been around awhile, and options certainly abound. I have been approached by a number of training companies to instruct, but when Melissa Marro called, I jumped right in. Her business model and work ethic have been impressing me for YEARS, and knew if I ever had a chance to wo...
When I go into a home, I am looking for tacky stuff that might off-put a seller. I mean, that is a lot of what I do. I find it and I also find a nice way to get it out of sight. But I am just as guilty of owning and loving tacky stuff. I have a few off-beat collections that are quite beloved to m...
  Staging your home for a speedy sale requires a lot of de-personalization. Stagers will ask you to take down your family photos, your magnet collection, your sports memorabilia, and your religious objects. The goal is to create a space that not just anyone can relate to, but hopefully EVERYONE c...
Most Stagers consider bed making “high art” and take great pains to be sure every bed in a staged home appears boutique-hotel perfect. A bed should always be the focal point of every bedroom, and it should be treated with great care to elicit a top-notch performance. You can make a bed like a pro...
Karen Otto is a highly  successful  real estate stager  and is highly respected by her peers in the staging industry. Here is what she has to say about the cutting-edge new Staging training program being offered by SAR....I'm proud to announce I've joined the team at Staging and Redesign (SAR) as...

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