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That is basically what people are saying when they tell me when their market doesn't require the services of a stager.   In a town full of ugly girls, what happens when a pretty gal shows up in the neighborhood? In a location that doesn't use real estate staging, this proven marketing technique b...
Describing color is such a integral part of any designer's job. As a color consultant, I learned that some color names can be a turnoff, and so I found ways around them to get my clientele to accept what was the right color that they needed, but perhaps has a less-than impressive general descript...
I don't know how other Stagers go about their creative processes when deciding what color direction to go when designing, but I have a definite method that I use to find a direction to build a color scheme and choose the right items the first time. I always start with an inspiration item, which i...
Canadian Stager Alla Philippova really explains the difference between a staged home and a decorated home without mincing words! Thay are two very different things, often even diametrically opposed from one another...The concept of Home Staging is still quite new to the Canadian real estate marke...
Why, OF COURSE I AM! You've been asked it, too, I know, because everyone is talking about it!  "Are you going to Convention? They aren't even calling it the RESA Convention.  It just "CONVENTION" now. How COOL is that? It's only the second Annual Real Estate Staging Association Convention EVER, a...
This is about as succinct and to the point as it gets regarding those little  "improvements" homeowners have made or should make! - by California Real Estate Consultant Michelle Carr-CroweHome Improvements: Is it Maintenance, an Upgrade or a Personalization? by Michelle Carr-Crowe, Silicon Valley...
There is a time and a place for everything, and in my line of work I see a lot of people staggering around the room when they ought to be on the level. I'm talking about hanging artwork, by the way. You can tell the amateur designer from the pro very easily by simply noticing how they hang artwor...
Her name is Carol. She doesn't blog, she doesn't even have an email address. Her eyes glaze over when I talk about SEO, Constant Contact, and Statcounter hits.  When she calls me - it goes like this:   "What are you doing?" Working, Mom. "On what?" A Conceptual Staging Image for a Agent, the news...
Pantyhose Colors. That's what I call them and I see them in houses all the time. If it looks like flesh... a flesh-colored crayon, baby-doll skin, or silly putty,  PLEASE DON'T PUT IT ON YOUR WALLS! I know builder beige is boring. Go yellow-er, gray-er, or greener. But whatever you do  - DON'T GO...
Here is a fabulous blog article with a fine example of a huge first-impression upgrade via Portland stager Maureen Bray. Thanks Maureen for such a great post and wonderful pics!                          The Power of Exterior Paint when Selling Your Home in Portland OR When your home is on the mar...

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