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Here's another $29.99 Digital Transformation from Feature This... for your viewing pleasure. Look at that VIRTUAL FERTILIZER! ~Michelle www.featurethisdotdotdot.com  See our Curb Appeal Strategy Package for only $29.99.    
After getting a lot of emails about my Curb Appeal Strategy Packages, I thought I might post one, so you can see what exactly it is that we do for $179.99. Do you think it is worth the price?     This is a property I got received last week via an REA who needed to help her seller. This house was ...
We have decided to get real serious about real estate photography, and quite frankly, we have been point-and-shoot kinda chicks. I know that isn't enough, and we want to offer a more complete service. Does anyone know a solid photography class online they could recommend for Sue to take? I will b...
                                                               Acid Stain is one of a stager's very best options as far as a fantastic upgrade at a rock bottom price. You can acid-stain garages, exterior pathways, patios, laundry rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, swimming pool areas,  ANYWHERE YOU HAVE...
Check out the best free paint color sample resource I know ... http://www.benjaminmoore.com/.  Click Architects and Designers after you choose the country (VERY IMPORTANT...Canadian Colors are different  than American, in name and hue. If you send them for Louisiana Hot Sauce in America, the fact...
We are dealing with a mouse of incredible  mental and physical capabilities at our family rice farm, which happens to be the headquarters for "Feature This... " First of all, yes, it is a mouse. We have statements from several witnesses, all of whom describe a fairly non-descript  mouse of averag...
I've been tagged by both Julia Maher and Charlene Storozak. Thanks ladies, I think...  1. Who is your favorite musical artist?  I am a closet Barry Manilow freak. I love really good lyrcis, however, from any musical genre. So I also appreciate and listen to Eminem, Dwight Yoakum, Robert Earl Keen...
Looking for a Stager in the Lafayette/Acadiana area? The Acadiana Real Estate Staging Association can help! We promote the ethical practice of home staging techniques, and help people learn more about the Staging Industry in general. We offer tips on how to choose a qualified home stager to showc...
I have been thinking of the detachment factor involved in staging, and how troublesome it can be for sellers to achieve. Then I read Nancy Clary's Blog about how to ease children thru the moving jitters. It includes a great tip to really assist kids  thru a relocation at difficult and stressful t...
Here's some more tips from www.curbappealfordummies.com: Trim choice is dictated largely by the body color of the house, and the overall architecture. Basic color facts for exterior colors are that light colors appear to be lighter in visual weight (they "float"), and they also draw a far amount ...

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