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Mulch. It hides a multitude of sins.  But there are aspects of it that are criminal! It's a smorgasbord for termites. It's made out of  discarded wood scraps, & contains chemicals that are NOT supposed to be in your garden. Some of it is made from the husks of coconuts, and can kill your dog if h...
I run across homes with wierdo spaces all the time, and when I do, I turn them into LIBRARIES. Not a "reading nook" or a study, but as close to a library as I can get it.  No matter how small, I try to finagle it.     Why? Because a library says grace, charm, and upscale living. Many of us still ...
Sheen level refers to the degree of shininess that a paint takes on when dry. The right sheen level has been customarily decided on based on four factors: The purpose of the room The preference of the painter  The condition of the walls.  The price of the paint                                    ...
  Color Shock Definition: A state of distress and trauma directly resulting from a recent paint color change regarding a space or area inside or outside your home.   Who is susceptible to Color Shock? Anyone who has lived in their home for some time and has grown very used to seeing and living wi...
As a stager, I have to make important calls all the time when counseling people how to best showcase a room for the least expenditure of time and money.   The solutions vary, but the one thing that doesn't is the introduction of CONTRAST to make the featurable elements stand out in the memory of ...
Ugly ceramic birds can be had birds can be had all day long at flea markets, garage sales, and thirft stores for anywhere from 25 cents to 2 bucks.   I love to snatch them up and spend two minutes repainting them with black  Ceramicoat craft paint.   Birds belong in the Pefect Accessory Catagory....
    Thousands of people lost everything they had Sept. 12th, 2008 in a shockingly powerful storm called Hurricane Ike, which made landfall in Galveston Texas. 112 people were killed, and 23 still missing to this day. Damages from Ike in U.S. coastal and inland areas are estimated at $29.6 billion...
I don't care what you call it. Caramel, Cafe Au Lait, Ginger Snap or Lil' Chihuahua, if the paint on the walls can be color-matched to a paper bag, it's probably too dark to be considered a neutral appropriate for staging in today's market. This is especially true if the ceiling is of average hei...
Art for staging houses to sell, for the most part, should be simple, clean-looking, and pleasant. After all, stagers want to give an area life, but just enough to bring attention to an area's purpose and highlight desirable features. I find that large abstracts, landscapes, and pieces very little...
  Stainless Steel sinks are beautiful to look at in the showroom, but very hard to keep beautiful in the home. My default plan when confronted by a stained, scratched sink of this type has been to attack it with a soft cloth loaded with a thick paste mixture of baking soda and a little bleach and...

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