In December 2012 a Spanish athlete, Iván Fernández Anaya, was competing in a cross-country race. He was running second, some distance behind race leader Abel Mutai who was the bronze medalist in the 3,000-meter steeplechase at the London Olympics. As they entered the finishing straight, he saw...
Sharon, did an outstanding job, we should all give her 200 points with her incredible post.  I'd like to wish my co-nominees luck, I have read and enjoyed your blogs always.  Your entries into the contest were both excellent.  Now a couple of my thoughts.... "I haven't got a speech or anything bu...
I am re blogging this post because I really want to know if you think I'm on to something.  I have been searching for a Plan B for 27 years while in the Title Insurance Business.  Is Stand Up Comedy a Good Plan B for Me, YOU DECIDE. The opening bit is the same as my initial 1st time ever on stage...
I did it again! I was asked to perform at Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia.  There were about 150 people in the audience this time. I changed about 50% of the material and also my shirt, the Judge still didn't approve.  I am going to see if the Active Rain Gods will allow me to run a contest r...
As a partner in Family Abstract, my role has always been street smarts and my partners book smarts. We make the perfect combination, but the wisdom that I have culled from our kids in the last 22 years is beyond reproach and not available any where else! For a funnyThursday blog post, I offer my ...
Our clients at Family Abstract, Inc. range in age from 21 to 101, my favorite group are the seniors.  The wisdom, knowledge and overall sense they bring is remarkable. I hope you enjoy the following quickie jokes. A very elderly gentleman, (mid nineties) very well dressed, hair well groomed, grea...
I was out fishing Active Rain for material for an upcoming comedy show and  came across Gwen Banta, wow this is a funny lady!  I subscribed to her blog and after you read some of her posts I bet you will too. In good health and good fun, enjoy! If the guy next to you has something yellow on his f...
At Family Abstract we try to make every day a little better by laughing, smiling or telling a joke. For today, I am handing out the material for the week, from some of the best stars around. We guarantee to make your settlement a happy one! Enjoy! Having sex is like playing bridge. If you don't h...
Here is the question and answers from a the State of New Jersey regarding Tidelands and Storm water and the difference in the two and how your client is effected.  If my dock and/or other water structures were destroyed during the storm event and I intend to rebuild them, what steps do I need to ...

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