Purchasing a house is a complex process, particularly for a first-time house buyer. Investing in any property has its set of risks and benefits.California has one of the most expensive and demanding retail properties. Its’ coastal locations and Hollywood glamour enhance a resident’s experience. A...
Jumbo home loans are possibly the most generous home loans available. Available with a fixed or adjustable interest rate, they offer borrowers amounts above $484,350, which is the conforming loan limits set by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac for 2019.Benefits of Jumbo Home LoansUnlike conforming loans,...
Ask any homeowner and they'll tell you how they'd love to pay off their homes sooner, possibly with a fixed-rate loan.However, only a handful go through the process because of refinancing horror stories or their inability to qualify. Luckily, there are several programs which can help you get a lo...
Home buying loans enable you to fulfill your dream of owning the house of your dreams. Unfortunately, there are so many misconceptions associated with these loans. As a result, the people who need them the most hesitate to avail them. If you had ever given this option a thought, read on to discov...
Whether you’re wanting to refinance a home you’re living in or an investment property refinance, keep in mind there are jumbo loan limits in California. Loan limits can go as high as $801,950 for a four-unit property. Refinancing a rental property might be a challengeIf you own several houses and...
 Take advantage of low 30 year mortgage rates and jump into a home through a short sale. This means the property usually is selling for less than in a regular sale. It can be a win-win for everyone, especially California first time home buyers. The seller is also happy to avoid foreclosure. The b...
First time home buyer loans California is for someone who has not owned a residence before in the last 3 years in the eyes of mortgage lenders. Moreover, the first time homebuyer incentives and tax benefits have long since become void from the time when the federal government was trying to cushio...
Obtaining a home mortgage loan in California is especially challenging. Why? Because, the average home price in California is $440,000; in the rest of the country it’s $180,000. That’s 2.5 times higher than the rest of the nation.[i]  Despite this, obtaining a home mortgage loan in California is ...

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