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I don't currently have any properties with drainage issues but the education of this series of blog posts from John is indespensable to every real estate agent.  Protect yourself and your client, whether they are the home owners or a buyer.  This is need to know stuff! Drainage Issues Can kill A ...
Have you ever shown a property with water stains and thought they are no big deal because they are dry now?  That may not be exactly right.  John's post below gives an amazing amount of information and it is only the first in a series about drainage problems.  Read on, be informed and you will ag...
These tips come from Realtor Magazine and will help you get your home ready for showing! Expand the Closet One of the most overlooked areas of staging is the closet. Most people will declutter and move boxes out of the closet but forget about the hanging clothes. Remove the clothes you wear only ...
Get Your Home Documents in Order, did you see Noah Seidenberg's blog on how people are stealing houses? What if this happened to you? Would you be able to put your hands on your deed? As an Elkhart County homeowner, you begin to accumulate all sorts of records and papers the moment you made the o...
4 Tips to Determine What Color to Paint Interior Rooms Elkhart Indiana enjoys color just that same as any other community. To select the right color for each room of your home, design experts recommend applying the following strategies. Coordinate With the Room's Use: Certain Colors lend themselv...
Is Elkhart County Real Estate a wise investment? In the long run, there are fewer investments that have shown a better return. However, the key to investing wisely in Elkhart County Real Estate is understanding how the industry differs from others. For example, when the defense industry dips, it ...
Elkhart County Real Estate is Still About Location, Location Location!   There's an adage in real estate that says the three most important considerations when buying property are (1) location, (2) location and, of course, (3) location.  In other words, buy something in the right location and you...
How can two 10 year homes with the same square footage, nearly identical floor plans and only a few blocks from each other vary in price by more than $10,000? Forgetting, for a moment, the interior improvements that set one home apart from another, there are exterior factors that influence price....
This is the Perfect Weather for Ice Skating, As Long As You Are All Covered Up! Who wants to go ice skating? Nibco Water & Ice Park is glad you asked! Located at 303 Nibco Parkway (574-970-7490), this remarkable outdoor facility has a ice skating rink for you to enjoy. Bundle up the kids, call a ...
Ok, Who Really Buys the House? Husband? Wife? Children? I just wrote a blog post yesterday that talks about moving with children.  It was reblogged and I read the introduction with interest.  Who really buys the house? I have heard over and over the past several years that the Woman buys the home...

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