I am trying to target FSBOs, but don't want to do what probably all other agents are doing. Does anyone have a "unique" approach they would like to share? I am not comfortable misleading the Sellers, nor do I want to pretend I have a Buyer. I guess being honest ist the best way, but how do you ge...
Our Keller Williams Office in Lakeland has weekly "Caravans" for our new listings. As one of the Coordinators, I was just curious how other offices do theirs. Any new ideas on increasing participation would be greatly appreciated!! I thought about making it fun, but just need more ideas. I also d...
WOW! I got a good solid lead off of Activerain!!!! Thanks! It is wonderful how technology can bring people together. I encourage all my fellow agents to register.
I just wanted to shout to the world that I signed my first contract today based on a lead I received through my showcased listing on! I was very skeptical at first, and I almost regretted spending the money on it, but it worked and I can only recommend it to other agents.
I hope I am not alone out there, but I have been REALLY busy this past week with Buyers. They are just coming out of the woodwork and I hope that it is because of several reasons; Interest rates are good, home prices are fabulous! How are things in other areas? Our daily pendings and solds are al...
Get off the fence!Please, don't wait too long to purchase your home.  The market has shifted and now is the time to act. Don't try to wait until prices get even lower.  Interest rates are stable and prices are really great.  If you wait too long, the market may shift again creating higher prices ...
Hello All! Does anyone have a unique script they use when making calls? When I call FSBOs, I know they are not hearing anything new. Please help a newer agent!
Our Association of Realtors here in Lakeland has recently launched a campaign directed at Buyers to motivate them and tell them that now is the time to buy in Lakeland. They even have TV commercials! I think our LAR is the best! What are your associations doing for you Realtors in other areas?

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