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I get your call during floor time and you ask some information about a home. It turns out you want to see it later. It is not my personal listing but a colleagues, so yes that is fine. I do my normal spiel and ask if you are working with any other agents and you say no. The showing comes and the...
Sometimes you walk in and you just know! The house is in the perfect place and in the perfect condition and the price is there too! I experienced this when I bought my first home, a beautiful Craftsman bungalow. I just had to have it! A home may look like just a shelter. It may appear to be just...
If you didn’t think I was a nerd before you will definitely think I am a nerd after this! If I had three extra hours a week I would just read! Not trade publications or AR (no offense) but just a book. Any book! Mysteries , autobiographies, history, romance, non-fiction, relationship books, self...
In life there are few things that we can really count on besides death and taxes. But there is another that I could add to that list. Change. Change is everywhere. Changing schedules. Changing jobs. Changing homes. Changing clothes. Life changes and this is just something that we have to accept ...
Your treasures are treasure to you but to the people looking at your home for sale they are clutter and distractions. While it may be hard to pack up your treasures it is just one step that will get you moving out sooner with a escrow check in hand! So get a head start on that moving process and ...
I grew up in the south of Iowa in an area where country music was the norm. While I knew it was never for me I wasn’t sure what was. Then I went to college and discovered what was! Classical! One of my very first experiences of classical music was Bizet’s opera Carmen. Have you ever been to the ...
When Halloween is over you know the holiday season will be upon us quickly! The first holiday event that I have found this year is actually starting tonight! Irving Berlin’s White Christmas will be playing at the Washington Pavilion November 3-6th, 2011   Show times are as follows:   Thursday No...
I have reblogged....Twittered...FB...LinkedIn and called my mother! Please take a second to read this and then go check out this site. I am literally freaked out right now because this site had so much information on me! I removed myself from this site and you can too easily. The directions are i...
I am one of the nicest people I know but yet sometimes you would not think so. It all depends on if you are my client or if you are my customer. Don’t get me wrong I am nice to everyone at all times I just cannot always answer those questions that you want me to answer.  It is the difference bet...
When we two are parted
 By Lord Byron When we two parted
 In silence and tears,
 Half broken-hearted,
 To sever for years,
 Pale grew thy cheek and cold, 
Colder thy kiss;
 Truly that hour foretold 
Sorrow to this. 

The dew of the morning
 Sank chill on my brow
It felt like the warning 
Of what...

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