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OK:  I took a few years off. I am not sure why, and i am not sure it made much sense. My Massachusetts resientail awl practice got very hectic, and I decided to pay the most attention to keeping it rolling. I got my Broker's License and worked on a few lsitings. The dog ate my draft. Whatever the...
Our society has changed considerably in the past few years. More and more people are marrying either after the death, or divorce, from their spouse. Many times this event takes place in a manner where the new couple decides to have children of their own. In other situations, the marriage takes pl...
I suppose in my case, there is a genetic link to my paternal grandfather. He was a country doctor in Califon, New Jersey, and my father, then 14 years of age, used to drive my grandfather’s horse and buggy to patient’ homes all over the North Hunterdon County area to administer to them. Later on,...
In an era where state boundaries are no barrier to movement, and airplanes can whisk us off to remote places with relative ease, it is not unique to own property out of Massachusetts, or for people who are not domiciled in Massachusetts to continue to own property in this state. There are some in...
Fortunately for all of us, foreclosures are not now, nor did they ever reach, epidemic proportions in our part of Massachusetts. Other parts of the country have been devastated; we have been much less bruised. That being said, there have been many foreclosures in Massachusetts in the last few yea...
Once you have made a decision to sell your home, and you have settled on a Realtor to assist you, you will be asked to enter into a Listing Agreement with the Realtor with whom you are working. While I have seen Listing Agreements which are “non-exclusive”, which means they set forth what you wil...
Once in a while, I reflect on what it takes to build a following among clients and peers. What kind of behavior on my part will draw people to want to work with me, or for that matter, any professional person. Sometimes, we do great things. Develop creative solutions, find an answer where no one ...
There is a bias in mortgage lending toward owner-occupants. It manifests itself in many ways. The rates for owner-occupants are almost always lower than the rates for investors. The amount of required down-payment is lower. Many condominiums do not qualify for the sale of loans to Fannie Mae and ...
In almost all aspects of real estate transactions, there are documents which are indicated as “standard” and by that categorization, there is an implication that these are safe to sign, because other people have utilized these documents. There are “standard” purchase and sale agreements for both ...
One of the areas which I have recently become extremely active is real estate owned by banks and other financial institutions after foreclosure (generally known as "REOS"). REO purchases are not for the meek, and I thought I would share with you some of the "issues" which almost always obtain whe...

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