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While it’s usually not fun having a landlord, being one is a whole different story. Not a laugh-a-minute, mind you, but owning residential income property can be a lucrative investment and a fulfilling business. People purchase investment property for several reasons. These include reselling for ...
The proliferation of those huge public storage facilities happened for a reason. The main reason is that we have a lot more “stuff” than our ancestors did, and downsizing can be challenging. Unfortunately, our storage space at home hasn’t kept pace with our pack rat tendencies. Garages are packed...
Buying a home is not something the average American does every day. While the purchase process is second nature to real estate and mortgage brokers, it is somewhat mysterious to the rest of us.When asked how to eat an elephant, a wise person once responded, “one bite at a time.”  While the home l...
Someone purchasing a home may not have coined the term “emotional roller coaster,” but it sure fits the process. It’s one big up-and-down affair. Looking for a house is fun and exciting. Making the final decision to purchase a particular house may be fraught with doubt. Making an offer on a house...

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