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Josh and Debby found the home of their dreams in a quiet suburb, north of Chicago. Jack, a licensed plumber by trade, waived the home inspection, figuring he could easily handle any problems that might pop up. He performed a cursory inspection, declared the house in good shape and he and Debby cl...
Pinterest, PLEASE Oh yes. Another thrilling post about Pinterest, the new kid on the block. Much like the rise of hit music sensation, Rebecca Black, there was just as much hype as there was criticism. I'll be honest: my initial reaction to Pinterest was not pleasant. It seemed to be an arena fo...
Apples and oranges - that’s what condos and houses are. Sure, they both provide a roof over your head, and they’re both financial investments, but that’s where the similarities end. Just as when we compare apples and oranges, houses and condos differ by price, by taste and by how they will be use...
Strapped for cash? Depending on the current real estate market, you may just have the money you need right there in your home. No, not a hidden safe you forgot about, but the equity you’re sitting on. A home equity loan is one way of taking advantage of that equity without having to sell the home...

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