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Who is ready to see the rates drop and more clients into house, I will work my tail off to see your clients in a home super fast. we do have many programs for your clients, bad credit no credit just give me a call.. your clients don't have time to fill out an application great we have a web site ...
Here at Southern Lending Corporation we do offer the client 10% down payment and very easy close out.Lets say your Buyer needs a loan officer that speaks spanish and   they need a loan please have them call me. Does you client need some one to help them approval there mortgage loan have them call...
I have been in the business for around 5 to 6 years and I love what I do help people get there dream of owning there home. May people are scared to buy and thats where I come in also and explain to them that I was there at one time when I bought my house two years ago. it tuff to find the right h...
Looking for a website to apply on well here you go...ask me questions if you have some also. 
I guess I would start to say have you thought about buting your home but for some reason you always think that your credit is not so great. let me help you with that, We have clients that are in the 500 credit scores and are putting 3% down payment on a mortgage. So hurry lets get you approved an...
I have a client that I'm working on and will need a realtor in Lubbock... Help Me!!!!!   Eric MartinezSenior Loan ConsultantSouthern Lending CorporationOffice 281-333-2700 ext.106Cell 832-512-6418Toll Free 1-866-614-2700Fax
Lets say that awhile back you credit was not so great and you would like to buy that dream home , Give me a call today and lets see you get into a home fast & easy!! If you would like to APPLY for a mortgage Loan call me today or go under my website and on the 3 page it asks are you working with ...

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