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Twenty-four plus years in public service exposed to me a variety of people from all walks of live.  They were rich, poor and middle-class people.  Well-educated and extremely bright, and those struggling to overcome learning disabilities.  Some even recently released from prison and trying to get...
Who would hve guessed that catching tarpon in the surf at the west end of Dog Island, Florida, or standing in a longleaf pine forest, the wind blowing softly through the trees, birds chirping high in the sun drenched branches would have led me down a path to a career in real estate. My life has b...
How many of you know someone that fits this description:Young professional - single or divorced - renting - good credit - not sure they're ready for home ownership but know they're paying a significant amount in rent - possibly more than a house payment may be.          Sound familiar?Most of us ...
As I started my morning walk this morning the Tallahassee air was a little cooler and dryer, just a hint of fall.  Quite nice.  Fall is a beautiful time of year in this part of the world and a great time for people to shop for new homes.   It was also trash collection day and as I walked by my ne...
Up for a CHALLENGE?!?!?!!!   The challenge is this:  Post a blog on activerain for each of 30 consecutive days!     I'm a new real estate agent (5 months since receiving my license) although I worked in the real estate field for the State of Florida for almost 8 years.  My broker, Joe Manausa, a ...

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