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The U.S. Job market is deteriorating at a quick pace losing 240,000 jobs in October.  And if that wasn't enough bad news... September and August were revised sharply downward by 179,000 jobs each month.  The losses were deep and across all industries with the services industry being the hardest h...
As I wrote on Tuesday, the market may be volatile in the days following the election.  It sure has, in a good way.  After a huge two day rally and 160 basis point improvement over the past two days, this morning Mortgage Bonds began to slide, although they have improved from their worst levels of...
Yesterday, excitement was in the air as traders came back into the market with money in both fists.  To balance their risk tolerance, money was flowing freely into both the safe haven of Bonds as well as the Stock market.  As mortgage rates improve, this opens the door to more refinancing.  As re...
The polls are open and Election Day has finally arrived.  Early voting has had higher turnout than previous elections and today's turnout is expected to be strong as well with reports of very long lines already. A big job awaits our new President.  How will he handle the current economic downturn...
Whenever the Fed announces a Fed Funds Rate cut as they did last week, the Media typically gets it wrong which leads to much confusion for the consumer.  Since the Fed cut last Wednesday, several people have contacted me expecting this will mean lower long term rates.  WRONG.  Since this might se...
It was no surprise yesterday afternoon when the Fed announced their Interest Rate Decision.  The Fed cut 50 basis points as expected, lowering the short term overnight rate to 1%.  This is the lowest level since June 2003.  There was little reaction in the markets to the news, as it was anticipat...
The Fed began their meetings yesterday and it is widely expected that they will cut the Fed Funds Rate by 50 basis points today.  This morning, stocks opened lower after yesterday's skyrocket rally of 899 points and Mortgage Bonds are in positive territory, slightly higher. We can anticipate a su...
It's hard to call a bottom, both in the stock market and in the real estate market, until it's in the rear view mirror.  Friday Stocks were extremely volatile, plunging 700+ pts, then up over 300 points and closing down 128.  The Mortgage Bond Market took a bath and lost 109 basis points on the d...

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