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Many people are still listening to main street media....and the one thing we know about main stream media is that they tend to get it wrong.  There is still a lot of misinformation floating fact, I received a call last week from a person considering a refinance.  And he "informed" me ...
Finally!  Changes to Mark to Market are coming.  The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) voted favorably to relax mark-to-market and help financial institutions. Financial companies will now be allowed to use alternate models, like cash flow analysis, in marking their assets.  No longer w...
I must admit, I'm still scratching my head trying to figure out how an annual income of $250K was determined to be associated with someone "rich" and "wealthy". The move to increase taxes and limit deductions will have far reaching impact.  I agree with NAR that there could be further erosion of ...
This morning the all important Job Report was released and it was ugly...worse than expected.  The 525,000 forecast came in at a loss of 598,000 jobs.  This is the greatest job loss since 1974.  Job losses for all of 2008 were also adjusted 3 million.  The government said employment a...
It's been a busy and bleak week in the markets with numerous economic reports, stimulus chatter, corporate earnings (losses) reports, and the list goes on.  The unemployment lines are growing longer.  On Wednesday, the ADP survey showed a grim private sector job loss of 522,000 for January.  Toda...
Bonds are getting beaten up today.  There's a saying in the market... "the trend is your friend" meaning that the trend helps you make proactive decisions to better manage your investments and your expectations.  While it is our friend it sure isn't being so friendly in the current direction.  It...
Yesterday it was no surprise when the Federal Reserve said they would keep the Fed Funds Rate steady at 0 to .25%.  However, the committee did offer some positive expectations for homeowners.  They said that they continue to anticipate that "inflation pressures will remain subdued in coming quart...
Big Brother Washington is looking to put together a "Bad Bank" and it could be announced next week.  What the heck is a "bad bank?"  It's not quite what the name implies.  This Bad Bank is essentially set up to buy the toxic assets, segregate them into a so-called "bad bank", clean them up, then ...
Last night the Senate confirmed Timothy Geithner as Secretary of the Treasure.  Obama showed up to swear him in, which is a bit unusual.  It will be interesting to see how Obama's recovery plan will advance. Consumer Confidence comes in lower than expectations and knocked the life out of stocks. ...
Kicking off the week, Mortgage Bonds continue their sideways hip hop dance along a floor of support and have improved since testing this floor last week.  However some good news for Existing Home Sales this morning has put a little pressure on bonds, pulling them down.  Stocks are fairing pretty ...

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