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Sacramento real estate and housing market, from Galt to Lincoln. Local observations about Sacramento restaurants, special events, music concerts and the Sacramento lifestyle, including great places to vacation around the world.
Oh, I remember this scene like it was yesterday. There I was, standing in the pouring rain, squeezed under an eave with my back flat against the wall to stay somewhat dry. Although, I was also splattered with mud, pretty much head to foot, due to riding ATVs in the rain and mud of Hilo. Trying to...
For years I had noticed the sign for Holualoa on the Queen K but never drove the route. It was only 3 miles but I always had an intended destination that needed to be dealt with first, plus I had no idea what was there. Well, yesterday seemed like a good day to make the journey up the winding roa...
We got to the beach out on Old Airport Road yesterday with about an hour left of low tide. My plan was to hit the beach earlier but we had commerce to attend to. More specifically, we were on a search for a mortar and pestle. I made grilled shrimp on skewers a few nights back, yes, I actually coo...
Ordinarily, I would not be interested in a movie like this. If it was the only other choice, say for a transpacific flight movie selection, after smart dramas or hilarious comedies, above maybe movies about guys in jail or historic war battles (Game of Thrones doesn't count in that category), I w...
Back in the days when I bought homes to fix up and flip, I thought I knew everything about real estate. In retrospect, I knew the bare basics because I lived in a state where I knew little about local real estate, much less statewide, and because I wasn't actively practicing representation during...
Just attended an annual HOA meeting for our community in Kona last night, and it was packed. I suggested the HOA set maximum percentages on the number of homes that could be rented, and that seemed to be a new concept that nobody had heard of before.Mostly people wanted to talk about the coqui, a...
The last time I checked, our MLS is owned at least 50% by a handful of brokers in Sacramento. You would think that MLS might reach out to its membership through a survey to determine which features are useful or to gather opinions on types of improvements members would like to see, but that idea ...
Honestly, ushering in the New Year of 2019 did not feel quite right. It feels like it should be 2020 and it's not, LOL. Like what is gonna be so great about 2019? If it follows in the same vein as the end of 2018 in Sacramento, it will be a hard market on many real estate agents.Our market always...
Even though I have said it time and time again, that when a fixer home is sold AS IS we are NOT renegotiating, buyers either do not believe me or their memories are short. I hear all of the "stories" going into escrow. The assurances from the buyer's agent that the buyers are serious and seasoned...
During the short sale years of 2005 to 2011, I sold such an astonishing number of homes in Sacramento that if you could name a street, I could probably name a house number. People ask how I could become so familiar with such a wide area of neighborhoods, and the truth is I don't really become acc...

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