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We specialize in short sales, foreclosures, bank owned properties, REO solutions. We work with banks. families, investors. We are looking to help one real estate transaction at a time.
When you are looking to purchase your first piece of real estate I believe if you are single or newly married etc....purchasing a property that you could live in AND rent out has so many advantages. First of all if you purchase with an FHA loan you possibly may qualify to put down 3 1/2% as your ...
Being interviewed on current market conditions on the local TV show. This is also right after my book siging.  Yes I finally released my first book
In California there is a program designed to help distress homeowners stay in their property or at least be able to transistion with dignity and some relocation funds ON TOP of any incentative the homeowner may receive from their lender.  Check it out my blog on this. Keep Your Home California of...
Did you realize in areas I service property value is up 20% + over the last 12 to 18 months?  We have clients that couldnt sell because they were under water or were in distress and thought they were loosing their property to being able to sell AND make a profit. In this day and time do you know...
A big misperception is it costs more money to hire the best in real estate than not.  Truth of the matter is the commission structure is usually the same, but WHAT YOU RISK, is priceless.  When I talk about the best in real estate I am not always  talking years in the game!  Some times we are sp...
I am humbled and excited to have my very first book LIVE on Kindle.  It is humbling and awesome at the  same time!  Looking to reach more people.  This is volume 1 and volume 2 will be available soon.  Here is the Kindle link and the paperback will be available on Amazon shortly! http://www.amazo...
Fortunately this turned into a success story. We have too many people that do not understand the bank is not is not in the business of GIVING LOAN MODIFICATIONS and they are not your "friend" in this process. The bank is a debit collector and its job is to PROTECT and/or minimzie assests and los...
j Hopefully I have your attention.  In the area I service there are properties that have increased over $100,000 in the last 12 months!  I have clients that were distress clients and went from DENIED loan mods, ALMOST FORECLOSED ON, or in short sales and we were able to sell their properties as a...
We had an amazing run up in the market areas I service. This is great and really make it feel good market, but do we really think there are not people either under water, in distress or in loan modification evaluation that will not be approved? In addition what happens to people who are selling ...
As you know I also do training classes at Keller Williams. I have a book coming out soon too. Hope you enjoy part 1 of this class we did live a few evenings ago. Impromptu live with good agents, rookie's and some old school vets! Enjoy and comment. THANK YOU active rain community

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