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We specialize in short sales, foreclosures, bank owned properties, REO solutions. We work with banks. families, investors. We are looking to help one real estate transaction at a time.
I am firm believer in helping real estate people understand and helping homeowners that in distress their rights. People should be provided information, allowed an opportunity to make decisions AND have a professional properly guide them on whatever THERE decision maybe. 
Yes yes YES there is life after a short sale or foreclosure here in the areas I service.  People feel and are sometimes made to feel that if you did a short sale or lost a home in foreclosure you  are never able to get back into the game.  SO UNTRUE!  Did you know there are situations were not on...
I recently left two seperate conferences listening to predictions on Loan modifications that are re-setting this year and/or adjusting to higher rates.  I am also hearing this year will begin a big time period on Equity line of credit loans coming due.  A lot of people are not prepared for this a...
What does this mean to you and your family?  Time to take advantage before its too late! /image_store/uploads/agents/ehustle/files/Elgin 7.jpghttp://ehustle.podomatic.com/entry/2014-12-23T09_33_55-08_00 
In 2015 Distress sale means something totally different to me than it did in previously.  See before distress always meant FORECLOSURE or SHORT SALE.  Needless to say THOSE situations are still in distress, but I am seeing more people (including past clients) that are having difficulty.  Some peo...
  There are certain things you should NOT do when looking to purchase real estate. Some of these things will seem basic! Some may be a little more advanced but we have plenty more.  Start here!
  Lots of people that did loan modifications (in areas I service) are coming up on the adjustment periods. Some are coming up to a 2nd adjustment or recast.  That means some payments will be adjusting back to or close to PRE-LOAN MOD PAYMENTS! In addition with properties values increasing, the o...
  Distress sales now do not automatically mean foreclosures!  As a matter of fact in my  area with  the market sales prices rising, we have had 3 properties already CLOSE escrow that were distress, but had equity in them.  Distress can mean people losing income, rental property going vacant, hea...
I try and build my business not on the amount of transactions I do, not on the dollar value of real estate I sell.  Our numbers all based upon how many families we are able to help!  That is the basis of my business plan.  

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Helping buyers and sellers in the Santa Clarita and San Fernando valley, all through Valencia, Castaic, northridge, granada hills. Goal is to provide good information and promotion for customers to make good decisions for their familes. www.thewalkerteam.info www.theelginandpilarwalkerteam.com www.elginwalker.com