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Speaking strictly to listing agents/brokers of REOs, are you sure you want the liability?  In Arizona, the latest craze is going after the REO listings.  Obviously, there is money to be made in any market as long as you are able to adapt to the changes in the market and right now with REOs domina...
  You've all seen the headlines and news articles, "The goal of owning a home seems to be getting beyond the reach of more and more Americans," Business Week; "Housing experts predict price rises in the future won't be that great...," National Business Journal; "The golden age of risk free run up...
So what is a deal anyway? Often I have heard from buyers that they will buy a property as long as they can get, "a good deal on it." So the question, "What is a deal?" needs to be clarified. For some it is buying a house "below market value." For others it is, "a property that can be fixed up and...

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