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Welcome to my blog, I blog everything from local events, community, market stats, economics, listings, and opinions. Please subscribe if enjoy my postings. Thanks!
  I had a call the other day from a veteran. He was behind on his VA loan and wanted to know what his option were. I looked up the VA advocate information for ou area, and discovered they could do nothing but shortsale at this point? He had not made a payment since Dec 2011 due to running out of ...
With all the difficulty in getting a loan these days, I have a lot of buyers that are falling for the "lease" to own bologna. Now I know some of these are legit. I also know I have seen several houses rotate through several so called "lease" to own purchases with private parties, only to find ou...
Tired of seeing that IRA statement with loss's or very small returns? Did you know you can use that money to buy a house? Even a rental property? If you have a self directed IRA you can have the IRA purchase the property in your name with no tax penalty (check with your CPA to verify, I cant adv...
Well Boise, As I have said before. I have been asked so many times when the housing market would turn around for the better. And the follow up question was always this; But the Boise market was one of the last cities to fall or see the damage? In fact, I didn't even notice a slow down until abou...
    Well, lesson learned. A old friend of mine who has always kind of wanted to have everything, but with a "didn't want to work for it" attitude, or wanted to "beat the system" has finally used his ways on me. I have sold his late mother a house, him his own house years ago (in his wifes name b...
Well, I love being a broker and love working in Real Estate. But what I love the most is helping people. Nothing feels better than seeing the face of those people when you tell them the good news. Today I got to call a client and tell them their Foreclosure has been stopped and I got it pushed t...
Handling a real estate transaction is one thing. Handling the transaction for an Estate is another. Sometimes it can be smooth, and sometimes it can involve multiple family members and one executor or executrix. I always make sure I have all the members of the estate initial an acceptable offer ...
All I hear is how the Real Estate Market is still tumbling down, and it hasn't hit bottom, the world is doomed, etc. Then why is it, everytime I make an offer on a bank owned or Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae home, I always run into a mutiple offier scenario? "Send us your highest and best"(I did!! Take...
Did you know that if you short-sale a property, the seller can be 1099'd for income? (Like bank interest, or Investment income) That's going to be a heck of a surprise when you get one for $50 to $100K depending on how short the home was sold for. Your agent can negotiate with the bank to make s...
You see it on some homes, and not on others. You wonder, do I need a home warranty? Or is it a wast of money or a policy that would always figure out a way to get out of paying for a claim? The answer is maybe. Not all warranties are created equal, that is for sure. Some even cover the seller wh...

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Welcome to my blog, I blog everything from local events, community, market stats, economics, listings, and opinions. Please subscribe if you enjoy my postings. Thanks!