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And then cut off the comments? I read one occasionally from the same guy. Isn't that kinda like representing yourself in court? You know what they say about that? "A man/women who represents themselves in court, have a fool for a client" I just sayin'. I'll leave it at that. But I could make a lo...
So its Monday, are you ready for the week? Do you have your days scheduled out? Is it busy work or work that works towards your goals? The goals that will make you productive and or a better informed, better educated professional in your field? Thats it. Thats what I ask myself on Monday mornings...
Just some advice from an seasoned Broker. I went through the big RE companies, thought it was cool to have my email with the big corporate .com behind my email address, etc. But what you don't realize is, when the time comes to move on, guess what. Everyone and anyone you have ever emailed with t...
Its time to buy in Idaho! If you need help with credit repair, here's a garanteed results company in Redding offering their services. Call us and we can get you started see what needs to get done to get you in a home before the prices go up! Home Realtors of Idaho 208-639-4567Fix It Friday In Pen...
This was so awesome I had to share. B of A actually got raided for foreclosing on a property the buyer paid cash for! And then waited around after losing in court to pay all the lawyer and court fee's for the screw up. The owners got a writ of execution and showed up at the bank with movers, the ...
I couldn't agree more. My son did 3 tours in Iraq, got out to see and spend time with his son, but he couldn't find a job! Was also denied a job for an infraction he got 8 years ago when he was home on leave. (all cleared up, but still shows nevertheless. The only good thing is he had no choice b...
  Some customers and friends have approached me with the frustration of being stuck in the home they are in, and want to "seize" the moment in finding a better house and location for less money. They have good credit,(not for long) and are current, so they assume they can't short sale. So they g...
Be caredul of these types of scams going on right now. If you have any questions or have been approached around the Treasure Valley, Please contact me first. David W Hughes, Broker @ Home Realtors of Idaho 208-639-4567 From Payette to Boise, we have you covered.Curious if any other Active Rainers...
    Anyone looking for a unique investment, this property has a duplex and highway frontage commercial/retail building on the same lot! You could actually have the business owner live on the same property. For more details contact Home Realtors of Idaho @ 208-639-4567. This is located in Parma, I...
http://tannhausershepherds.com/index.html Not sure if I'll get spanked for this, but this breader of top of the line real German Shephard Dogs, who happens to be my sister in Chehalis, WA, has just had a new litter ready for April Delivery anywhere in the US. I can't begin to explain how much sh...

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Welcome to my blog, I blog everything from local events, community, market stats, economics, listings, and opinions. Please subscribe if you enjoy my postings. Thanks!