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I couldn't resist showing you this link... This video reminds me of sales sooooo much! Think about it, we are often out there doing our thing and from time to time we feel like we're the only ones. Sometimes people laugh (like the guys taping the video), sometimes people just stand on the side wa...
Do you like when someone expresses their appreciation? Chances are your response was "yes". My next question is... how often do you express your appreciation to others? I mean a real heartfelt expression, not your daily auto response. For years we have people do just that! We have helped countles...
Whether you are designing ads for clients or for your own business, you can improve the effectiveness of those ads with just a few time-proven design strategies. This success formula works regardless of the software you use.   When readers look at your ad what do they see first? Research indicate...
Attention, agents, brokers, lenders, appraisers etc... You now have an opportunity to place all of your ads for products and services for FREE. Erie's hottest new magazine is publishing an issue all about the Erie market. Read below.   Background: Urban XpERIEnce (UX) is Erie's newest and most un...
Q. Do I need special skills or training to become an Independent Representative? A. No. A desire to change, to achieve and to help others will go a long way towards your success as a uWin Financial Independent Representative as will your own experience using uWin Financial products and services—e...
Letter from the Founder: Hi. Thanks for checking out CashInOnCreditCards.com. My name is Damon Watson. I make HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS annually marketing credit cards on the Internet, and you can, too, with my CashInOnCreditCards.com system. Check out my popular website, eCreditChoices.co...
OWN your own piece of the MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR Financial Services INDUSTRY!!!   You can earn $1,000, $5,000, even $10,000 OR MORE per month marketing credit cards. PART TIME. FROM HOME. With ZERO computer programming skills required. Start earning BIG Money within 48 hours!   How much money have ...
WHY USE THE LOC AS A CHECKING ACCOUNT? So Far, we still haven't explained why we need to use the line of credit (LOC) as a checking account. To answer that, we come, at last, to the heart of the program. We use the LOC as a checking account because that is how we put our previously idle money to ...
WHEN IT IS GOOD TO GO INTO DEBT uWin Financial believes strongly in getting out of debt as soon as possible and staying out as long as possible. There is, however, an exception to that rule. It is wise to go into debt if – and this is an important if –the borrowed money can be invested at a rate ...
UWIN OFFERS SOLUTIONS There are numerous ways to reduce or eliminate debt payments, but the vast majority of the ones being offered are too complicated, too unrealistic, too expensive, can ruin your credit, or, in some cases, are even unethical. So what makes UWin different? The uWin Financial Sc...

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