Man, that's a lot of steps! Not really, it's just another ridiculous title to one of my blogs... sorry guys and gals. As always, the meat is in the information provided below the title. I have been working with a lot of buyers lately that may or not be in the market to buy a home in the near futu...
After last night's State of the Union, I have decided to put together a Real eSTATE of the Union. Really it's just a play on words for a little bit of market data recapped. So bear with me and my terrible word play but the real meat is in the data. I have been feeling a lot of activity here in SL...
The other day I was in the car with a good friend of mine who also happens to be a first time home buyer and I was asked, "So Dom, how exactly do you get paid in the scheme of things for helping my buy a home. How much is it going to cost me." At that moment a shot of lightning went down my back ...

Dominic Tartaglia

GRI, SLO first-time homebuyer specialist
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Dominic Tartaglia - First Time Home Buyer Specialist