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What Vijay & Eena Needed: Vijay & Eena wanted to buy a new construction home and turned to DROdio Real Estate, Inc. to represent them in the purchase of their new Engle home. We decided to buy a new house last year, and right away we realized that there were many builders out there and many opti...
What Scott & Toni Needed: Scott & Toni had a single family house in Manassas which they needed to sell in time to move into a new construction Pulte home which was being built. DROdio Real Estate, Inc. successfully sold Scott & Toni’s home for $14,000 over list price (the highest in the neighbor...
Dan & Lucy, Working with you was one of the best parts of our home buying experience. We greatly appreciated your professionalism and responsiveness. Thanks again for all your help. - Jim & Sandy What Jim & Sandy Needed: Jim & Sandy were relocated by the military to the Virginia area from Hawaii...
I visited an auction in McLean, VA (Northern VA) to see how popular it would be. Amazingly, the parking lot was jam packed and there must have been upwards of 500+ people in the grand ballroom. There were hundreds of properties being auctioned - and not just in the outlying parts of VA. There wer...
What Brandon & ShaShonna Needed: Brandon & ShaShonna had a home in Chantilly which they had tried to sell with two Realtors. After seeing our firm on the Discovery Channel they turned to us to sell their home, which we did in under two weeks for $15,000 above list price. We then helped them loca...
Some happy clientsThis couple just used our services to help them buy a rowhouse in Georgetown, Washington DC: “Just wanted to tell you, we LOVE our new house!!! You’ve been so awesome…I’ll refer anyone to you. Really, you’ve been so professional, attentive, timely and very knowledgeable.  I can ...
WASHINGTON DC VIRGINIA Fairfax: Loudoun: Prince William: http://media.washingtonpos...
Note: If you like this article, you might also like this FAQ on how we use technology to help home buyers in the home buying process.You’ve heard all about the iPhone in the media - now let’s evaluate how a Realtor would compare the Apple iPhone to the Palm Treo, a staple among Realtors.First, a...
Wondering what your interaction will be with us once you retain our services? Below is an email one of our agents sent a new client; the email is pretty typical of our approach, which is to enable you with access to as much information as you want before we meet with you. Jane, John, I’ll see you...
Mortgage payments are made in arrears. Here’s what that means: Let’s say that Jane Doe buys a house and she settles on June 15th. Her first mortgage payment won’t be until August 1st. Here’s why: Jane will be making a mortgage payment on August 1st to cover the time she was in the house from July...

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And...Thoughts from the head of an Entrepreneur: How I'm trying to effect positive change on the world.

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