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Once you ratify a contract, we will work with you to make sure the inspections get done and all contingencies are released. The main job you as a buyer have is to get your loan paperwork done (i.e., send in your paystubs, pick your loan program - 30 year fixed vs. ARM, etc.) Below is a copy of an...
Washington, DC has a number of credit, closing assistance, and grant programs for current DC residents, and for first time home buyers in DC. Here’s a summary: HPAP - Closing assistance program, Not a grant: DC Tax Abatement Program: ...
The quick answer is that the market has changed, and the pool of capital used to fund loans at yesterday’s rates has dried up. Here’s a more in-depth answer: You’ve probably heard that lenders like American Home Mortgage have shut their doors. But to really understand what happened, you have to u...
I often have people ask me questions about things they don't know the answers to, which I don't mind at all. The only thing I wish people would do, is ask the question on Google first. 95% of the time, Google will have the answer.  In fact, often when people ask me a question, I just go to Googl...
I really despise automated voicemail trees. While I understand their role in funneling callers to the right person to handle the call, we're really in the dark ages as to how we use them.  Companies like "TellMe" (recently purchased by Microsoft) are easing things slightly. I currently use a voic...
There's a great saying amongts techies that translates to life in general: Good, Fast, Cheap... Pick 2. Meaning you can never get all three.  And it makes sense.  You can get something 'good' and 'fast', but it won't be cheap.  Or it can be 'good' and it can be 'cheap', but it won't be fast.  Et...
As an entrepreneur, I know I have a unique perspective on the world. But what I am about to say may take the cake, in your eyes. To me, there is something very special about somebody who doesn't collect a paycheck from a 'boss'. And I would argue that the hot dog vendor on the street corner, run...
One of my absolute favorite sayings is, "The future is already here - it's just unevenly distributed."  And that's absolutely true.  We all live in our own version of the "present".  Some of us still use notepads to jot notes, others of us use our PDA phones & then email ourselves the note we ju...
I see so many people searching through a web page to find a specific piece of content on the page. The answer is right in front of you - when you need to find something on a web page, just use CTRL+F to pull up a "find" box. Then type the text you're looking for, and it'll be highlighted on the ...
How good are you at seeing the truth behind a statement?  How often do you admit to yourself that you've made a mistake?  Take this quote, for example:This week a man told me the story of Betty Crocker cake mixes, the kind of story that marketing people love to tell: “Betty Crocker failed at fir...

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And...Thoughts from the head of an Entrepreneur: How I'm trying to effect positive change on the world.

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