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Here's the problem with perfectionists:  They see the world as a 2 dimensional chart, with the "level of perfection" running along the X axis, and the "effort" running along the Y axis, like the diagram below. But what the perfectionist fails to see is that there is a third axis - time.  Time is ...
I may be one of the few people who would argue that much of the world revolves around fear and expectations, but let me try to present the argument to you.  First, the part on fear. Fear plays a major, major role in all of our lives.  In fact, it's kind of like an invisible friend that follows y...
I've recently noticed how often people wait for a trigger before they start something. By this, I mean that people don't start a project until some seemingly related (and usually out of the person's control) event happens. For example, I have a friend who's trying to figure marketing strategies ...
Do you often forget where you put things, like your keys?  I'm fascinated by the way our brains work, and here's what I've deciphered to date: People who forget where they put their keys, etc. may actually need to work on "Original Awareness". The theory is that you aren't actually forgetting, b...
What a great quote from this article on energy usage:"THE KEY TO MODERN LIFE IS STRATEGIC IGNORANCE. There are so many things we don't know about our lives and that, frankly, we don't want to know. We don't know much about the basic things that sustain us. We are clueless "end users" in elaborat...
If you haven't read this story and seen this video about Rick and Dick Hoyt, a man who's run 212 triathlons and run a marathon in 2 Hrs & 40 minutes with his disabled son, you really should.
I am continuously amazed by how little importance most people put on their attitude towards a situation. I have experienced first-hand how two people can be stuck in the same situation and end up with very different results based on their attitude towards it and the people involved. If you want ...
Isn't it amazing how sometimes the smallest things make the biggest differences? I'm going to tell you about two of those things:  Your "from" email address, and checking your SPAM box.  First, about email:  Click the image at left to see a full-size pop-up of a portion of my inbox.  Now, imagin...
If I've learned anything, it's that it doesn't really matter how much I know, but more importantly, what matters is how good I am at finding information. Obviously there's value in knowing things - nobody's arguing that.  Having a lively debate about global warming would be difficult if everyone...

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And...Thoughts from the head of an Entrepreneur: How I'm trying to effect positive change on the world.

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