Dealing with a client who has unrealistic expectations---whether it is a timeframe for selling, a listing price, or a buying price--is apt to create feelings of frustration because the client's unrealistic expectations are preventing you from meeting your goal---selling a house.  Keep your f...
Meeting a client for the first time to obtain a listing can be a pressure situation and many real estate agents "choke"---they forget to mention key points about themselves, fail to ask questions they have prepared, and mix up their facts.  This is true eventhough they have practiced their pitch ...
Recently I spoke to 3000 Remax real estate agents and began by asking, "What's the most important attribute for selling a house" and almost all said, "Location location, location."  Their all wrong!  The most important attribute for selling a house, or getting a listing for that matter, is EI, EI...

hendrie weisinger

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Strategies and tips for applying your emotional intelligence to enhance all aspects of your business. Getting more listings, selling more homes, dealing with emotional clients, staying motivated in down markets, improving office relationships, turning setbacks into comebacks, are all essential skills if you want to be successful. Developing and applying your EI is the key to your success and this blog shows you how!