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There are so many factors in todays market that make real estate more local than ever. I have been traveling a great deal lately and I have noticed one thing: the skill sets necessary to do business change dramatically from market to market. Are you in market with a lot of foreign second home buy...
 Good friend of mine is a general manager at a very high end automotive dealership outside of Detroit. He called me yesterday to tell me of a buyer that just left his store!The buyer was from Flint! Of course, why I got the call. Gentleman walks into the dealership and picks out an $88,000 sedan....
 We know see foreclosures and short sales everywhere, we know what that means to us, today; but what about tomorrow for everyone?There are four points that deserves discussion and thought. I am not an accountant by trade, I am not a politician so a lot of these are thoughts, I would love clarific...
 Learning from history...Michigan has taken the lead in the housing crisis. So here is a look back at what caused Michigans problems (at least on the real estate side, Automotive Manufactures vs. Unions a different story).So here we J. Diamond style: From May of 2006 to a market near you......Is ...
 Buddy Kain is in the house! For my first blog I would like to take this time to congratulate Alan D on his retirement! No one will ever do for Real Estate what he did.Ok now to the business that is stinking up our business. I am very excited to become part of the most progressive community in Re...

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