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Primarily focused on the Pasadena, Altadena and South Pasadena Real Estate markets with sales history by area as far back as 2005
In a previous post, I wrote about Divine Intervention and how a particular Seller thought that a higher power had somethng special in mind for them.Could it be possible that divine intervention could play a roll in the Pasadena Housing market?These particular Sellers felt that they would eventual...
An analysis of the Pasadena Housing Market indicates that the market has slowed and the word "patience" has kept back into home sellers' vocabulary. However, Chicken Little is nowhere in sight. This analysis looked at Single Family Residences' from January to June. Sales compiled from 400 + trans...
Sales of single family homes continued to slow for the month of June. There were fewer units sold this year compared to last and also increased evidence of a softening market in terms of pricing.When fewer units are being sold and it is taking longer for those houses to sell, that's a pretty good...
The Pasadena Condo Market seems to be ignoring all the publicity about the slowing housing market. Unit sales were up 20% and the median price increased to $575,000 compared to $470,00 last year.If you have had the opportunity to drive through town, you have seen some new construction going on an...
South Pasadena is often thought to be somewhat immune to the typical ups and downs of the real estate cycle. However in June it showed that if the rest of the area has caught a cold, South Pasadena has the sniffles. June is typically the time we begin to see the Summer selling season kick into hi...
If you have considered remodeling or upgrading your kitchen appliances or maybe replacing your bathroom fixtures Pasadena Water & Power may be willing to help with the cost. They want to encourage their customer's to get rid of those old appliances and fixtures that consume a lot of energy and re...
Find out what is happening in your neighborhood with regard to June home prices. How long are they taking to sell? Are they selling above, below or at asking price? Stay up2date on everything real estate.In addition to Pasadena, home sales are also included for Altadena and South Pasadena.
As the sub-prime mortgage industry continues to make headlines we hear from one of our most esteemed members on the US Senate, Charles Schumer. He says ‘The mortgage brokers are the wild, wild West of mortgage finance". Annie, get your gun. That must mean the US Senate, is the OK Corral. Them Cow...
 You have probably heard the phrase "I live on the upper east side"? I bet you did not know that it referred to Upper Hastiings Ranch, which is Pasadena's northeasterly neighborhood. Most of the homes in this area were constructed between 1950 to 1955 and just like its neighbor to the south Lower...
You've seen them, there all over town, typically on Saturday and Sunday afternoons signs are on every street corner. Some have balloons, some have flags. Some even have a picture. There "Open House" signs and they are a viable component in helping to sell a house. Many prospective home buyers dri...

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Primarily focused on the Pasadena, Altadena and South Pasadena Real Estate markets with sales history by area as far back as 2005