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The Silver Linings you can find if you look for them in Real Estate and Life. Good place to spend some time on those days you're down on the business! Get you right back on your feet!



Defining a "Good Deal" in today's Real Estate Market What is a “Good Deal in today’s Real Estate Market? I’ve read over and over again that “a recession is a terrible thing to waste”. And I agree. When I googled this phrase in quotes, I came up with 23,300 hits. The truth is, during any downturn,...

Donna Stott

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Thoughts, ideas, market study. I talk with Agents all over North America every day and learn a lot about what's going on Nationwide. This can help you in your local business to see trends before they get to you. I'm big on Numbers Tracking and study the NAR reports, often having some comment on those as well. Sometimes I might post something motivational, or inspirational that just came to me as well, so that's why it's called Good News about Real Estate AND Life.