In simple terms, a link wheel is a group of websites that use one of a few, or usually two, strategies that end up giving the punch of their link juice to a target website. Google pretty much allows this as long as the websites are not automated, spam-filled or completely irrelevant. I've seen m...
We have had some really cold weather here in the Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter area for the last couple of days. Now, in all fairness, we are not dealing with lake effect snowfall that they get in Buffalo, or the mountains of snow that they have in Tahoe, but nevertheless, when you live in sunn...
Sharing (more like marketing) my photography on FB for Orange County photography This is pretty much a test of the viability of Facebook based marketing.  Shot a wedding last weekend. 12 hours from end to end, video and photo. 
Admirals Cove homes for sale in Jupiter, FL often grace the waterfront locations along six miles of wandering, meandering intracoastals in Jupiter, FL, giving homeowners back-yard dock access to Admiral Cove amenities including the top rated club complex, private marina and generous dining choic...
Check out my main blog:Dave Keys Orange County SEO | Photography YouTube is the giant of video hosting and is hands-down the winner of SEO-able video. YouTube is the second most searched website on the web with an estimated 782 million videos.  ( 35 more hours are added every minu...
I helped a real estate agent right here from the Rain with her Wordpress blog. She had a theme she had purchased, and as is common to quite a few custom themes, it "re-routed" some of the common conventions in Wordpress, making it something closer to a standard static website with blog elements ...
With all the nuances of SEO and tips and tricks about ranking in Google, etc. it is a good idea to re-visit some common sense principles. 1. "Hi, I'm Chevy Chase and you're not!" The famed actor explains plenty in that famous one-liner. Tounge-in-cheek it may be but if you're competing against we...
I just discovered that has their own home listings page. I was curious whether this was simply a compilation of MLS feeds so I began to investigate. First I picked an area well known to anyone in Florida real estate, PGA National homes for sale in Palm Beach Gardens. I used the search to...
What happens when new homes that were built at the height of the real estate crash but never sold because of builder bankruptcy? Selling prices for brand new homes approach 50% of the expected price when the homes were built. Check out this video on Gallery Oaks. These homes have been finished, u...
Who are the Best Mortgage Lenders in Boca Raton? One you may consider is Larry Goldstick. Larry is Vice President of Mortgage Lending at Larry's Website contains a plethora of free tools to ask questions and get a good idea of how a loan or Jumbo Loan shapes up for you. The b...

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