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                    Has that ever happened to you? How many times have run into a person you met a week ago, a month or maybe a year ago. Maybe even someone at church or a co-worker you haven't seen in a long time.           How embarrassing is that? They call you by name and you can't remember t...
          OK, so the question is are you certified or qualified? So what does it mean to be certified. Certified refers to the confirmation of certain characteristics of an object, person, or organization.            To be certified recognizes a certain professional association or professional re...
          ProSite Home Inspections           Am I qualified to inspect your home? Great question and you can find the answer on my website at http://www.prositehomeinspections.com           Will it benefit you now to have a Home Inspection or should I just let the buyers have one if they want too...
          Turn the thermostat up or down, that is what most people do, you mean there is more I should be doing? Yes! First of all, a clean filter will go a long way to reduce fuel costs and a dirty filter will cause all kinds of problems in a furnace. It will reduce the air flow and in return wi...
This is tough, after 30 years of training in HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing I switched gears and am now a AHIT cerified Home Inspector and a Member of NAHI in Altoona, Iowa. What do you all think if I mail to my customer list for the HVAC business and let them all know what I am doing now?

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