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  Did youever schedule a hair cut, and feel committed to a new "do" because you needed a change?  Then on the day you are to go to the salon, your hair never looked better!  Did you ever have a nagging pain, make a doctor's appointment, and magically on the day of the appointment, the pain is gon...
We have a listing in our office that is a small log cabin on 5 acres in one of the nicest areas of Chester County, PA.  I have shown it to several different buyers, and one of them is getting close to putting in an offer.  In speaking with the mortgage professional, to get ready, for the impendin...
I have really thought lately of changing professions.  It is really tough to have to put out money for gas and advertising dollars when the money is not coming in.  My family has been behind me to stick it out, but our savings has been affected to the breaking point to make up for my not holding ...
I have a sneaking suspicion that everyone is on pins and needles, waiting to see the outcome of the Presidential election!  I feel that the public is in a "wait and see" mode, putting a freeze on large expenditures.  And to make matter worse, every time I pull up to the pump, I feel like there sh...
There are days where I say to myself, "If I live to see 3:00 p.m., I'm good".    I have days where I schedule myself within a breathe of each appointment.  I sometimes feel like Penelope Pitstop!  All I need are red pigtails!  Run, run, run, run.....Don't get me wrong though, I'm happy to run!   ...
One of the first training tips I give new agents is to read the agreement of sale.....all twenty pages!  I work my "John Madden" marker over the whole document.  My markings let them which parts are really important (I know they all are), and what paragraphs outline the standard contingencies.  A...
Because I love to listen to people, often times I melt into the "woodwork" to have them talk out a situation.  I watch the drama unfolding right before my eyes.  Sometimes I'm asked to comment.  At that point, I feel like I'm in Tony and Tina's wedding off Broadway.....the audience actually plays...
I feel like some of my buyers have taken Dr. Martin Luther King's speech to a whole new level!   I have one buyer that has her heart set on a certain neighborhood!  Yes, I said neighborhood.  We have the search limited to a postage stamp!  And, this is not rocket science nor am I curing cancer.  ...
To everyone who read my blog about the trouble I had purchasing a property involving a seller going through a short sale process,  thanks for the encouragement.  I finally got the seller to sign the release after telling him I would visit him at his house personally.   After all, I'm Italian, and...
I thought I would be cute and purchase a property that looked run down.  Little did I know, that there was a true monster lurking there.  When I put the offer in and the seller accepted a very low price to just get out.  The fact that the seller was advised of foreclosure was not disclosed at the...

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