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The adoption of increasingly advanced mobile devices has inherently changed consumer and business expectations of communication and access to information. Because of technology built into mobile devices that collects data about user behavior — data not available through traditional desktop forms ...
I am kidding about changing professions. I had a good run for 43 years in the Real Estate profession. I just don't have the heart anymore of dealing with buyers, sellers, their familes, banks, title, escrow, agents, brokers, the paperwork, the liability, the late nights, early mornings, and of l...
Overview More people access the web via mobile devices than from personal computers. As the number of devices expands dramatically, users are becoming accustomed to having both web and computing access via small, mobile devices and phones. This has resulted in a significant increase in demand for...
 If you are in the Real Estate Industry I am sure that you are aware of the rapid trend towards “Mobile Marketing.” To stay competitive, Real Estate agents must learn to adapt and follow the trends. It’s no surprise that those who embrace technology and learn to set themselves apart from their co...
If you've not thought about a custom mobile application that brands YOU, you might think about it. Your competition is. Let us show you a Real Estate Mobile Application demo at NO CHARGE and decide for yourself. Email me and let me know what type phone you have. Iphone or Droid and I'll send you ...
Custom Mobile Applications are the latest in Real Estate technology that Realtors Worldwide are showing their clients. Don't let them show your clients before you do. We support iphones & droids.  Send your videos of home tours, photos, and open house notices instantly to your clients handheld de...

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