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Instagram emerged as the seemingly overrated photo-sharing platform just a few years ago. Since then, it has skyrocketed in popularity, and was even purchased by Facebook for over $1 billion dollars. Shockingly, Instagram has proven to be more than  a passing trend; it is reinventing itself to c...
Pinterest is the latest and greatest innovation in social networking. Even better, Pinterest has proven to be incredibly useful in growing businesses, redirecting web traffic, and acting as a medium for businesses to ingratiate themselves with clients. First of all, what is Pinterest? Pinterest ...
Real Estate is an ever-changing game— today a website alone is not enough. The clients are getting younger and more tech-savvy. To keep up with them, meet them on their level: setup a facebook page for your real estate business. Failing to stay current is one of the biggest reasons why many real ...
San Francisco boasts a variety of attractions – some tourist-laden and others that are hidden gems. Don’t miss out on this great list of things to do during your downtime while you are at the Inman Connect Conference at the Hilton Union Square in July! 1) House of Nanking If you’re jonesing for s...
Software as a Service, better known as SaaS, is essentially a web based software delivery model. As the name suggests, SaaS is for those who do not want to dabble in custom software development themselves to execute daily tasks to make their work flow more efficient  When a client uses SaaS, the...
When it comes to Virtual Office Websites (VOWs), it is all about stimulating buyer urgency. How is a buyer to know if they are in a buyer's market or a seller's market? How can they buy with confidence? With VOWs, it's simple— VOWs allow all non-confidential MLS (Multiple Listing Service) inform...
To the average computer user, VOW and IDX sound like complex acronyms— however they are not complex. A VOW, or virtual office website, is considered superior to an IDX, or internet data exchange. VOW’s give the potential real estate lead users more control over the content they are viewing. When...
Even though much of the country remains in a deep freeze, the real estate market is heating up and thawing out. Recent data released by the National Association of Realtors and relator.com indicate that  steady and sustained growth in the housing market will continue through the spring and summer...
By now, you know you should be blogging. Creating a dedicated blog allows you to position yourself as an industry expert and leader. It’s a space where customers and potential customers can get a better feel for your experience, your expertise, and your personality. You want to keep the tone of y...

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REALTOR® Tips, Real Estate Lead Generation & Technology Advancement Insights