If your Upper Marlboro real estate is nobly situated atop a commanding hilltop, you probably won’t run into issues discussed here because gravity works on your behalf when it comes to plumbing.  On the flatter elevations, many of us must deal with sumps and sump pumps.   For the uninitiated, su...
  When it comes to home sales, looks do matter.   Once a home comes onto the market, how soon it moves can depend on its location, design, quality of construction –not to mention how well it’s been maintained, the neighborhood, school district…it’s the sum of at least a dozen contributing factors...
  In much earlier years, a would-be home buyer had few tools to aid in the task of finding a home that was ‘just right.’  Today, the situation has gotten easier thanks to a wealth of real estate apps that home buyers simply download onto their mobile devices.  There are apps that can help you wit...
      Even before you are presented with the bundle of paperwork that accompanies the signing of your first mortgage, if you are a first-time home buyer, you will have already learned about closing costs –fees and charges that pay for various parts of creating the mortgage loan.  Included in clos...
For just about everyone who will soon be preparing to list their home in Upper Marlboro, selling price is a principle focus.  What price will this fall's market support? How will that number affect the time it takes to attract serious buyers?  Are there ways to maximize the ultimate selling price...

Denise Watkins

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