The front door is a focal point on your home, both from a distance and up close, but when you are preparing your home for sale, the front door…the entryway that leads into the home is one of the first things people notice.  They look at the color, address numbers, doorknob/lock hardware, and styl...
  Marketing a home is not like marketing a commodity, such as bottled water, it’s more like selling your homes lifestyle.    While everyone needs shelter, it would be a serious generalization to say that’s all a home offers.     There are many houses on the market waiting to be sold and many buye...
Scammers are trying to cash in on vacant houses by advertising them as rentals on Craigslist without the approval from the homeowner or the Real Estate agent.  One of the properties that I have listed for sale on the MLS was recently targeted by a scammer who posted a bogus “house for rent” ad on...
There are lots of good reasons to hire a moving company.   1.    It can lower your moving day stress. 2.    It can save your back from injuries. 3.    It can ensure that your goods are safe from accidental damage.   But for every sweet song of a smooth move, there are an equal number of “moving c...
Are you going to be one of the few who look back one year from now with the extreme satisfaction of having kept your promises to yourself? Or will you be among the millions who vow to try again next year?   I want you to be in the first category, and I want to help you see your goals become reali...

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