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I always balked at the prospect at paying the ridiculous prices for Featured Homes and Showcase Enhancements.  For me, there needs to be proof of return before I will spend my hard-earned money.  The office I currently work with has used both in the past and just received a call recently from Rea...
I debated whether or not to post this blog entry.  After speaking with other agent colleauges and title companies with similar experiences, I realized that my venting might save someone else the headaches and everyone can take this post as they wish.  We all know that every transaction these days...
It seems to be the question on everybody's minds these days:  Have we hit bottom yet?  After all, when we do hit bottom, there is only one way to go-up.  When it comes to the real estate market, we can't generalize.  This means that every local market will hit bottom at different times.  I think ...
I know it is difficult for many real estate agents to come up with many things to be thankful for this year. However, adversity is a part of life and our industry, no matter what the scale. King Solomon (probably the richest man who ever lived) writes in Proverbs 28:1-"The wicked flee when no man...
When I originally started working in this industry, it became apparent very quickly that I was facing an uphill battle.  I originally thought "only a lazy person can fail in this industry!" but quickly figured out that every agent is set up for failure and left fighting for their life.  But wait,...
Does anyone have any approaches to qualifying buyers that works for them?  I usually send my buyers to lenders that I trust will do a good job of financially qualifying them.  But I find myself dealing with buyers that want to walk when things don't go as expected with an inspection.  They don't ...
I have been diligent with my business building efforts and after a spell of buy sides transactions, I found myself in what I thought to be a listing nirvana.  I had scored numerous listings, the bread and butter of real estate.  As it turns out, they are nothing but burnt toast.  Due to the large...
What's with the title you ask?  Why not?  These once mighty institutions have become lame ducks waiting for the federal government to herd them into protected game lands.  Years of getting fat off the cash from sub-prime loans has put them in the U.S. Government ICU for heart failure.  Can they b...
I always try to find the positive in everything.  Many view the current real estate market conditions as a bad thing.  I would have to disagree.  I always was taught that adversity makes you stronger and better.  What is happening right now in the market and the real estate industry as a whole co...
1.  Avoid buying the most expensive house in the neighborhood.  Unless it's in my neighborhood, then Thank You for increasing my property value!2.  Avoid buying a home in a development that was built on an ancient burial ground.  Sooby Doo taught me that important lesson! Ruh Roh!3.  Avoid buying...

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