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Defiance, Ohio (a.k.a D-Town) is once again growing and proving, once again that it is, "A great place to live", if not the best. I recently attended an open house/tour with my 9 year old son, Braden, and I was blown away, to say the least.  The school's advanced technology and massive size is ve...
Yesterday's inspection was an easy one, due to the fact that the house was only 24 square feet, but it did have many, many concerns/defects.  Some of the more "extensive" concerns were: •      No electricity •      No heat   •      No plumbing.  •      The roof was snow covered so I wasn't able t...
 A "Big House", that is. Being a Michigan fan and living in Ohio can be difficult. After this season, one tends to question his loyalty.  But I am looking forward to next season, and the next, and so on until the Wolverines are a winning team again, like they're known to be.  Nonetheless, I will ...
Well today's the big day for the Ohio State vs. Michigan game.  Of course, this year doesn't excite me as much for some reason.  What reason?  Oh, I don't know, maybe that MICHIGAN is horrible this year.  And I also have an inspection booked around game time.  Still, I will be rooting for my belo...
Many, many times we've all seen the less-than-professional repairs done around the homes we're in.  And often enough, the repairs are made with improper materials or whatever was around at that particular time that would temporarily fix the problem.  On many of my inspections, I've noticed certai...
(Hey Charlie, I hereby nominate this picture to be the new one for your group, Sparky's Plumbing.  A perfect fit, eh?)  Who knew your local NAPA store doubled as a plumbing supply center.  But if you think about it, how many times have we seen radiator hoses & clamps used for plumbing lines, Bon...
  Due to the recent, overwhelming popularity of this man, I now have added the following narratives in my report system:  "Toilet is not functioning as intended - recommend Joe the Plumber fix it" "Vanity drain is leaking in Bathroom number 3 - recommend repair/replacement by the man himself, Joe...
After entering this basement on this inspection, it was determined that the light bulb/socket needed to be moved/covered for obvious reasons (also notice the knob and tube wiring).  Soon after I snapped this pic, I was down on my hands and knees looking at the water heater burner compartment. At...
The new St. Rt. 24 construction is progressing quickly with many big changes apparent already.  This new highway will bring a world of opportunity to many Northwest Ohio residences, including myself and my home inspection company.  The biggest opportunity will be having a more efficient & quicke...
Due to the overwhelming response from the first post of Do you see what I see? I've decided to just include it all in one post, this way I can keep the massive amount of comments under control.  Anyway, here's the picture, now, "Do you see what I see"?     Right away, I'm sure you noticed the ble...

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